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to enable and promote multidisciplinary research
in all aspects of liver health and disease
for improved clinical outcomes.
Fostering team science
and promoting collaborations across disciplines
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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Lisa Butterfield

Dr. Butterfield's lab focuses on translational cancer immunotherapy. In HCC, they have focused on alpha fetoprotein (AFP), which they initially showed could serve as a tumor rejection antigen for T cell-mediated antitumor immunity. They have been responsible for preclinical development, cGMP scale-up, and clinical translation of cancer vaccines for HCC based on peptides, plasmid DNA, adenoviruses and dendritic cells, and have completed 3 small HCC trials. More recently, the lab has investigated the mechanisms of AFP-mediated immune suppression. Dr. Butterfield also directs the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center's Immunologic Monitoring and Cellular Products Laboratory, which supports cGMP cellular product manufacture, tissue and blood banking and immune assay development and conduct.