Dr. Samira Kiani and Dr. Mo Ebrahimkhani to join faculty at University of Pittsburgh and PLRC


We are delighted to announce that Dr. Samira Kiani and Dr. Mo Ebrahimkhani will be joining the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh. They will be members of the PLRC and the Department of Pathology.
Dr. Kiani’s research focuses on developing safer and controllable genetic circuits by combining the technology with design principles of synthetic biology. In addition, she is co-producing a documentary film titled “Code of the Wild” about the future of humans in the era of genomics. She will arrive February 1, 2020, and her lab webpage is available here: https://www.kianilab.com/
Dr. Ebrahimkhani focuses his work on advancing regenerative medicine through integrating systems and synthetic biology. He will begin at Pitt this fall, and his website is available here: https://www.ebrahimkhanilab.com/
We look forward to working with Dr. Kiani and Dr. Ebrahimkhani, and we welcome them to the PLRC family!