Pittsburgh Liver Research Center
Our mission is
to enable and promote multidisciplinary research
in all aspects of liver health and disease
for improved clinical outcomes.
Fostering team science
and promoting collaborations across disciplines
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Regenerative Medicine
Chronic Liver Diseases
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PLRC Receives NIDDK-DDRCC Funding

It is our great pleasure to announce the successful funding of the Pittsburgh Liver Research Center (PLRC) by the NIH/NIDDK through a P30 mechanism. We are now one of the 20 NIDDK-designated Digestive Disease Research Core Centers and one of three that are liver focused. 


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PLRC Mini-Retreat
10:30am to 4:00pm

PLRC Seminar Series - Dr. David Mangelsdorf
12:00pm to 1:00pm

S123 BST

Faculty Spotlight - Christopher Hughes, MD

Dr. Hughes is Surgical Director of Liver Transplantation at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute. His areas of research interest include liver transplantation in the HIV population, management of infections in immunosuppressed patients, ex-vivo machine perfusion of liver allografts, and organ allocation national policy.