Clinical Component



Clinical Component Director: Paul Monga, MD

Commercialization: Scott Morley, MBA, Coulter Program Director

Diagnostics: Aatur Singhi, MD, PhD

Biostatistician and Bioinformatic Support: Silvia Liu, PhD


The Clinical Component of the PLRC provides clinical and basic expertise, resources to facilitate the translation of basic research into novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools all the way from discovery to commercialization. To request services, please download the pdf form (available here), complete it, and send it to Ann Vinski (

Commercialization (Scott Morley): 
  • Consultation for suitability of a project for commercialization 
  • Helping with innovation disclosure and IP filing
  • Assistance with licensing an innovation
  • Assistance and guidance on start-ups
Diagnostic services (Aatur Singhi):
  • Pathology services for interpreting patient samples
  • Histopathological assessment on preclinical models
Biostatistician and Bioinformatic Support (Silvia Liu):
  • Statistical support, power analysis
  • Data mining
Consultation (Paul Monga):
  • Clinical consultation on a basic research project, discussion on unmet clinical need, relevance of a preclinical model in representing human disease (committee listed below)
  • Basic research consultation for a research project, input on best and acceptable preclinical models, fundamental concepts in liver health and disease (committee listed below)


Clinical Consultation Committee



Primary Department/Division

Non-alcoholic liver disease

Jaideep Behari, MD, PhD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition

Alcoholic liver disease

Ramon Bataller, MD, PhD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition


Erin Kershaw, MD

Medicine/Endocrinology and Metabolism

Viral hepatitis & Cholestasis

Naudia Jonassaint, MD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition


Andres Rojo-Duarte, MD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition

Genetic and rare diseases

Jerry Vockley, MD, PhD

Genetics/Pediatrics, CHP

Portal hypertension

Vikrant Rachakonda, MD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition

Transplant hepatology

Swaytha Ganesh, MD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition

Pediatric hepatology-I

Robert Squires, MD

Pediatrics/GI and Hepatology

Pediatric hepatology-II

Patrick McKiernan, MD

Pediatrics/GI and Hepatology

Liver Transplantation

Chris Hughes, MD

Department of Surgery/Abdominal Transplantation

Liver cancer

David Geller, MD

Department of Surgery/Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic


Basic Research Consultation Committee



Primary Department/Division

Liver development, zonation, tumors

Paul Monga, MD

Pathology and Medicine

Liver regeneration

George Michalopoulos, MD, PhD


Liver metabolism

Wen Xie, MD, PhD


Stem cells / cell therapy / gene therapy / gene editing

Alex Soto-Gutierrez, MD, PhD


Mo Ebrahimkhani, MD


Organ-on-chip and Drug Discovery

Lans Taylor, PhD

Drug Discovery Institute

Liver fibrosis, ALD

Gavin Arteel, PhD

Medicine/GI, Hepatology and Nutrition


Michael Jurczak, PhD

Medicine/Endocrinology and Metabolism

Liver immunology

Angus Thompson, PhD, DSc

Surgery and Immunology

Pediatric liver diseases

Drew Feranchak, MD

Pediatrics/GI and Hepatology


Kari Nejak-Bowen, MBA, PhD


Zebrafish models

Donghin Shin, PhD

Developmental biology