Genomics and Systems Biology Core


Directors: Jianhua Luo, MD, PhD and Takis Benos, PhD


Associate Directors:  Yanping Yu, MD, PhD and Maria Chikina, PhD

Core Manager: Silvia (Shuchang) Liu, PhD


The core is able to provide the following Genomics services:

  • U133 2.0 array 
  • R230 2.0 array 
  • R430 2.0 array 
  • CLARIOM array 
  • SNP 6.0 array 
  • CytoscanHD 
  • OncoScan array 
  • Human exon 1.0 ST array 
  • Expression arrays for porcine, bovine, drosophila, etc. 


Illumina sequencing

  • Library ready sequencing
  • Library prep from raw sample or RNA
  • Library prep for whole genome from raw sample or DNA
  • Library prep for exome from raw sample or DNA
  • Library prep for methylation from raw sample or DNA
  • Library prep for single cell sequencing with individual molecule barcoded

To request Genomics and/or Systems Biology services, please download the request form available by clicking here.
Return the completed form as a pdf attachment to, and be sure to include the word "Request" in the subject line of the email.