Research Outreach

PLRC collaborates with researchers from other institutions:

Alexander C. Ufelle, MBBS, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Dept. of Public Health and Public Health and Social Work
Slippery Rock University

109 Jack Dinger building, Slippery Rock University, 
Slippery Rock Pa 16057
Research Interest: I am Assistant Professor of Public Health at Slippery Rock University with research interest in Environmental and Occupational Health. I am particularly interested in the molecular mechanism of chemical-induced chronic liver disease and liver regeneration.
SIG interest: Liver Tumorigenesis, Chronic Liver Diseases & Regenerative Medicine
Ongoing research: Collaboration with Dr. Paul Monga, Chair for Experimental Pathology, Vice Chair and Chief of Division of Experimental Pathology on “The Crosstalk between Wnt/ beta Catenin pathway and Secreted Phosphoprotein-1 (SPP1) in Liver Regeneration and Hepatocellular Carcinoma”.
Research technique: Immunohistochemistry, Microscopy, Western blot, RT-PCR and ELISA